The Rushing Population Ecology Lab


Aimee Van Tatenhove

PhD student

Andrew Sharp

MS student

Kim Savides

MS student



Quantifying long-distance dispersal events and their consequences for individuals and populations

Climate change impacts on migratory birds

Estimating avian responses to recent climate change and improving conservation of migratory birds in the face of future change

Ecology of Passerina Buntings

Ecology, migratory connectivity, and demography of Passerina Buntings

Full annual cycle models

Understanding how demographic processes operating across the annual cycle influence population dynamics of migratory species


I currently teach WILD 3810: Plant and animal populations and WILD 6900: Applied Bayesian Analysis for Ecological Data, both of which are offered in the spring. Feel free to view the materials for both courses using the previous links, though note that these courses are both under active development so materials can and will change.